Establishing baseline

I’m now a little over nine months removed from finishing my undergrad career. I’m sitting exactly where I expected myself to be, at home, nursing a gash on my left knee because I slid into third base when I shouldn’t have. In a lot of ways, my entry into adulthood hasn’t changed me a whole lot. I still feel like my personality, values, and overall sense of happiness have been unaffected by post-grad. The biggest changes may be my nine month hiatus from school, sleeping on a regular schedule, and having time to take to care of my health. Nine months ago, I would’ve described myself as:

  • A chicken bake eating machine
  • The sleep-deprived, master of power naps
  • Sprinting dead tired to the finish line

Clearly, there was a pattern of running at full speed during my last quarter of undergrad. I clearly remember that I was trying to do it all before having to start completely new endeavors. It’s taken me twenty-four hours and twenty-six edits to reach this point of this post, and I now realize that a lot has actually changed. Now that I’m taking a sincere opportunity to reflect on my new chapter of adulthood, I’d like to describe myself as:

  • A 9 to 5, salary guy working in biotech
  • Living at home (I have so much to explain, but that’ll take a post itself)
  • Directionless with all the free time

To be honest, those highlights are as universal to any 22-year-old as can be. It encapsulates what I do when I work and what I do when I’m not working.

This is essentially the reason why I am starting this blog.

As I embark through adulthood, I’ll be facing situations where I’m forced to do things for the first time, from a mortgage payment, to getting my car back from being towed, or even learning how to build a fence. The fact is, a lot these learning lessons that I’ll experience are not unique to only me. I guarantee that whatever I face, you too will face it at some point during the second decade of your life. This blog is meant to be a platform for me to catalog my experiences and insights so that you, another twenty-something-year-old, can feel empowered by the fact that you are not alone. I’ve already got quite a few things I’d like to talk about, but until then, thank you for finding your way to this post.



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